Qi Wang Professor
发布时间: 2015-03-06

Qi Wang Professor

Mobile: 13761919429

Email: wq@dhu.edu.cn

Office: 5042


    Wang Qi is currently a faculty member of College of Textiles, Donghua University. He got his Ph.D. degree from China Textile University in 2003. He is a Researcher, Professor, working in Textile Design and Trade Department, Donghua University, as well as a member of Expert’s Commission of China Health Care Association.

Research Areas:

    Mechanisms, theory models, products designs, manufacturing and standards of comfort, health and protection textiles.

Honors and Awards:

  • National Science and Technology Progress Prize, the second prize
  • Ministerial Science and Technology Progress Prize, the first prize,
  • Provincial Science and Technology Progress Prize, the third prize.

Current Projects:

    Research of loop and hook fasteners, elastic tapes, woven and knitting tapes with comfort, health and protection functions.

Patents(cooperated with the enterprise)

  1. A high strength and resistance to fatigue matte Velcro manufacturing method-ZL201020152719.4
  2. A halogen-free flame-retardant nylon Velcro manufacturing method-ZL201010185055.6
  3. A halogen-free washable flame-resistant nylon Velcro manufacturing method-ZL201110064676.3
  4. A nylon Velcromanufacturing method with negative ions and far infrared functions-ZL201110064663.6
  5. A anti-static nylon Velcro manufacturing method-ZL2010101207576