International Cooperation  

College of textiles has been committed to conduct extensive international cooperation, aimed at cultivating talents with international vision, creating a high level and open academic environment.

Currently, the College has established international co-operations with more than 20 foreign universities and multi-national companies. The graduates will be granted the professional permission in the Common Wealth countries.The main partner universities are as below:

*Cornell University, US.

           Undergraduate Exchange Program

*Philadelphia University, US.

           Undergraduate Exchange Program and Dual Degree Graduate Program

*North Carolina state university (NCSU), US.

           “3+X” Bachlor-Master Joint Programme

*University of California, Davis. US.

         Undergraduate Exchange Program

*ENSAIT, France.

         Undergraduate Exchange Program and Dual Degree Graduate Program

*ENSISA, France

         Undergraduate Exchange Program

*Laval University Université Laval, Ouébec, Canada)

         General Cooperation Agreement, including exchanges of professors; exchanges of students; joint research activities, etc.

*Reutlingen University, Germany

        Undergraduate Exchange Program


       Undergraduate Exchange Program

*Feng Chia University, Taiwan

        Undergraduate Exchange Program

*University of Novi Sad, Serbia

        Academic and Research Collaboration Program

*MOI University, Kenya

       Sino-African 20+20 Program

The College has built master and doctoral degree programs for textile science and engineering with full-English teaching to receive international students from a dozen countries in the world. Every year, we have more than 50 faculty members to go abroad to participate in academic activities and about 20 students study abroad through getting funds from China Scholarship Council. Also, more than 50 lectures given by foreign experts and scholars are arranged to students.

The College host international conferences and symposiums every year, like International Textile Graduate Summer School, International Textile Biomedical Materials Forum,International Symposium on Sustainable Composites, etc.