Brief Introduction of College of Textiles  

The School of Textiles, established in 1951, has the longest history and strongest power in DonghuaUniversity. It is also one of the first series schools conferring three-level academic degrees in China. The School is the mainbody of the national key discipline, textile science and engineering. The ‘textile science and engineering’ has always been ranked No.1 inChina since it was founded. Currently, the ‘textile science and engineering’ has been granted the first-class and A+ discipline by Government. The alumni from the School, as many leaders and talented people in China textile industry, always make outstanding contributions to the innovation of textile science and technology, and the development of the society.

The School has the vision of a world-class textile engineering school committed to high-level education and cutting edge research. It aims to offer the best learning experience to its students, the most rewarding working environment for its faculty and staff as well as the most effective service to industry and society. Among the 124 faculty members, 34 are full professors, 39 are associate professors, and more than 1200 undergraduate students, 800 graduate students and 60 overseas students are learning here. The School offers the following majors for students: textile engineering, textile materials and design, biotextiles, textile composites, digital textiles, nonwovens and ancient textiles. The School has key-laboratory and engineering-center sponsored by the Ministry of Education, and a national test center approved by Certification and Accreditation Administration of China.

As the top Schools of Textiles in China, the School follows the core value of ‘Practicality, Innovation, Inclusiveness, Excellence’. It strives to increase its international competitiveness and global presence through quality teaching, advanced research and close collaboration with leading universities in the world. Our missions are to build an innovative school for making prominent contributions in textile industry and to stand at the pinnacle of textile education, competition and further development. We are devoted to create and disseminate knowledge, inherit and promote culture, serve and guide the society, and contribute to the advancing of textile science and engineering in China as well as the world.