Graduate Education  

Textile Engineering (Master/Doctor)

We devote to engineering and technological research, focus on engineering and sciences research, and penetrate practical fundamental research into different subjects. We are characterized by the aspect of textile fluid processing, textile composites, biomedical materials, high-performance synthetic sizing as well as its technology of intelligent detection and evaluation, intelligentized key components and equipment, etc.

Except for master’s students and doctoral students, we also foster international doctoral students and expert visiting scholar, and offer postdoctoral work positions.

Main research fields: fabric formation, advanced manufacturing technology of textiles, chemical processing and bio-technology on textiles, design and manufacture of functional textiles, ergonomics of textile, etc.

Textile Material and Textiles Design (Master/Doctor)

We devote to practical fundamental researchs, such as the structures of fiber and fiber assembly, the theories of performance and the formation, image processing and graphics description, technique of in-situ microscale characterization, technique of plasma modification, technique of microwave measurement, mechanism of porous dense membrane, technology of light scattering and computer simulation, technology of composite spinning and structure spinning, technology and theory of wool refining, mechanism and forming technology of protective textiles and smart textiles, modeling of bulletproof material structure and impact theory, phase transition self-adaption materials, smart processing and virtual processing of textiles, three-dimensional dynamic simulation and design of textiles, etc.

Main research fields: structure, properties and formation of textile materials, testing technology and instruments of textile materials, design and theory of textile products, industrial textile materials.

Textile Composites (Master/Doctor)

We devote to weaving of three-dimensional textile composite material preform, fundamental research and practical engineering application of composites molding and related performance design. We study on the formability, durability, damage tolerance as well as high-performance and low-cost manufacturing technology of textile composite in national large-scale project and civil engineering.

We study on designing theory of 3-dimensional textile structural composites, technology of manufacturing and characterization of structural properties, discussing on the structure and function of textile structural composites, the systems of hybrid materials and hybrid structure, impact dynamics, fatigue performance, etc.

Main research fields: technology of textile composites manufacturing, mechanics of composite materials and smart textile composites, etc.

Digital Textile Engineering (Master/Doctor)

It belongs to multi-interdisciplinary fields among science and engineering of modern textile, technology of artificial intelligence, applications technology of computer, autocontrol technology, technology of electronic measurement, information technology, etc. We devote to intelligent detection and control of fiber products and the processing, CAD and CAPP of textiles, digital objective evaluation of textile structure, properties and quality, studies of forecast control and virtual technology of textile machining process.

Main research fields: the digital detection and control technology of textile, technology of textile graphics and image, information and management system of textile.

Textile bio-materials and technology (Master/Doctor)

We devote to using technologies of protein splicing and gene recombination to develop new polymer materials, the enzyme for textile industry and chemical modification, micron-sized and nano-sized textile base of biomedical materials, biomedical device design and preparation technology, testing evaluation technology of biomedical materials and device, etc.

Main research fields: preparation of engineered novel textile material, enzymology in textile, biomedical textile material and technology, etc.

Nonwoven Material and Engineering (Master/Doctor)

We devote to the research of engineering and technology, emphasized on engineering science research. That is, blending practical fundamental research with different subjects. So that we are characterized by technology of two-component spundlaid, technology of spunlace tangles, functional and medical materials, performance measurement and evaluation analysis of nonwoven materials, key components and equipment of nonwoven process, etc.

Main research fields: structure, performance, forming and finishing of nonwoven materials, industrial nonwoven materials, testing technology and standards of nonwoven, equipment and engineering design of nonwoven.

The Ancient Textile Engineering (Master/Doctor)

We work on the exploration, research and arrangement of ancient textile technology, to redevelop the ancient technology, develop to the characteristics of green environmental protection, to explore historic and cultural connotation, to integrate science technology and humanities, to serve the modern society, meanwhile, we devote to the salvage, protection and replication of non-renewable precious textile cultural relics for inheritance.

Main research fields: technology of the ancient textile, replication and recovery of cultural relics, analysis and protection technology of textile heritage, verification of soft cultural relics trace, techniques of dating, technological aesthetics research of textile and garment.

Textile Science and Engineering (Teach in English)

We devote to fostering high-level, compound, applied international people in the field of textile science and engineering and relevant processing technology, etc. By classroom teaching, students can master the basic theory of disciplines and professional knowledge, broaden the sight, and systematically improve the level of textile subject knowledge. Meanwhile, we combine with various methods, such as seminar and dissertation research, etc.

Major subjects: elementary Chinese, overview of China, fiber science, processing theory of textiles, textile chemistry, the culture of Chinese dress, garmentscomfort, etc.