Ruiyin Zhang
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Ruiyin Zhang, Associate Researcher


Tel: +86-021-67792689


published over 10 papers in domestic and foreign core journals, with more than 10 invention patents (authorized) and two provincial awards.

Main Teaching Courses:

Apparel Textile Design, Decorative Textile Design

Educational and Working Backgrounds:

Keeping teaching after graduating from Donghua University 1984, main teaching courses including Weaving Technology, Fabric Texture, Jacquard Weaving Technology, Interior Textile Decoration and Design;

Concentrating on Apparel Textile Design, Decorative Textile Design after 2000;

Area of Research:

Textile design and new functional materials Research, cooperating with enterprises to develop and market

Honors and Awards:

  1. Provincial awards on the Fine Flax Fiber Blended Spinning and Product Development, Development of Pearl-cellulosic Fiber and Industrialized Application
  2. Undertaking Science research Project:
  3. Research and Development of New Type of Yarn and its Knitting Fabrics;
  4. Construction of the Productivity Promotion Center in Xiqiao Textile Town;
  5. Development and Design of PTT Product;
  6. Construction of the Industry-university-research Cooperation in Xiqiao Textile Town;
  7. Guangdong-Honking Breakthrough Bidding Project in Key Areas in 2010;
  8. Research and Development on the Ring Core-spun Yarn and Product;
  9. The Networked Industry-university-research Innovation Alliance Based on the Xiqiao Textile Town Industry Chain and the Donghua University Subject Chain;


  1. Design and Development of Suede Fabric with Sea-island Filament;
  2. Development and Marketing Prospects of Jute Products;
  3. Wrinkle Resistance Study of Cotton/Lycell Blended Fabrics;
  4. Development and Application of Tencel in Raschel Blanket;
  5. Primary Study on Heat and Moisture Properties of Profiled Hollow PET Fiber;


Solar Energy Storage Heating Based on Polyacrylonitrile Fiber and its Manufacturing Method


International Cooperation and Exchanges:

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Tel: +86-021-67792689