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TitleAsso. Professor

Tel +86-21-67792627

OfficeRM 3055



  • 2012. June-Now

Associate Professor in DonghuaUniverisity.

  • 2009. April-2012.March

Post-doctor and research fellow

Kyoto Institute of Technology, JAPAN

  • Ph.D. of Science engineering (2006. April –2009. March)

(Director and Advisor: Professor Hiroyuki HAMADA)
Advanced Fibro Science

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan.

  • Master of Science engineering (2004. April – 2006. March)

(Director and Advisor: Professor Hiroyuki HAMADA)
Advanced Fibro Science

Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan.

  • Bachelor of Science engineering (1995. Sep – 1999. July)

Donghua University, Shanghai, China.China Textile University

Researching Field

  • High-performance structural composite materials:Energy absorption composite etc.;
  • Natural and Biological composites, Green composites, etc.;
  • Composite molding process: Injection molding, Pultrusion, RTM, Compression etc.


  • From 2005(April) to 2009(March)
    Japanese government (MONBUKAGAKUSHO: MEXT) scholarship
  • Top 10 Prize in the Poster Competition at Thin Films 2010 and COMPO 2010 held 11-14 July 2010 In Harbin, China.
  • 優秀発表賞(富士電機賞)()環境科学会 201091617日 東京日本.
  • Best Poster Award, 9th Canada-Japan workshop in Composite Materials 2012/August, Kyoto, Japan
  • Best Poster Award, Interface21, International conference, 2012/August, Kyoto, Japan

Papers & Patents within five years

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  • Yuqiu Yang, Tadashi Uozumi, AsamiNakai, Hiroyuki Hamada, a study of applicability of Fiber Reinforced Plastic as energy absorption member, Review of Automotive Engineering, Vol.27, No.3, pp.477-481, 2006.
  • 陽玉球, 魚住 忠司, 仲井 朝美, 濱田 泰以, FRPのエネルギー吸収部材への応用に関する研究”, 自動車技術会論文集 Vol.37, No.4, pp.203-208, 2006.
  • Yuqiu Yang, AsamiNakai, Tadashi Uozumi, Hiroyuki Hamada, Energy Absorption Capability of 3D Braided-Textile Composite Tubes with Rectangular Cross Section, Key Engineering Materials, Vols.334-335, pp.581-584, 2007. (SCI, EI)
  • 邉吾一、濱田 泰以、八角恭介、青木義男, 仲井朝美、金炯秀、杉本直、陽玉球,“自動車の安全設計と信頼性向上に貢献する複合材料技術ーVI「NEDOプロジェクト3 」:車体安全設計技術の開発”,日本複合材料学会誌,Vol.33No.2, pp.41-47, 2007.
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  • 马岩, 阳玉球. -方异形截面复合材料管件物能量吸收机制 [J/OL]. 复合材料学报(ActaMateriaeCompositeaeSinica), Accepted and online published,http://www.cnki.net/kcms/detail/10.13801/j.cnki.fhclxb.20140425.001.html 2014425CNKI优先发表)

International cooperation

  Project researcher in Tradition and Future education center in Kyoto Institute of Technology

Academic Affairs

  Direct of Japanese Society ofComposite interface