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NameXia YIN






  • 2014.06-Present Working in college of Textiles, Donghua University
  • 2009.09-2014.03 University of California at DavisPh.D
  • 2006.09-2009.04 College of Textiles, Donghua University M. S.
  • 2002.09-2006.07 College of Textiles, Donghua UniversityB. S.

Researching Field

1. Experimental study and numerical simulation of coupled heat and mass transfer in textiles, porous materials

2. Heat & moisture comfort evaluation and testing of clothing

3. Design and development of warming clothing, sweat absorbing and quick drying fabrics, outdoor clothing and other heat and moisture related functional clothing.

4. Study on filtration materials with high efficiency and low resistance

Papers & Patents within five years

Main papers:

  1. Yan Li, Lihuan Wang, Xia Yin, Bin Ding*, Gang Sun, Tao Ke, Jingyuan Chen and Jianyong Yu.“Colorimetric strips for visual lead ion recognition utilizing polydiacetylenes embedded nanofibers”Journal of Materials Chemistry A 43, (2014), 18304-18312.SCI
  2. Xia Yin, Qunchen, Ning Pan. “A more comprehensive transport model for multilayer-cloth forperspiration based infrared camouflage”Applied Thermal Engineering 68 (2014), 10-19.SCI
  3. Xia Yin, Qunchen, Ning Pan. “A Study and a Design Criterion for Multilayer-Structure inPerspiration Based Infrared Camouflage”Experiment​al Thermal and Fluid Science 46 (2013), 211-220. SCI
  4. Xia Yin, Qun Chen, Ning Pan. “Feasibility of Perspiration Based Infrared Camouflage” Applied Thermal Engineering 36 (2012), 32-38. SCI
  5. Xia Yin, Jing Gao, Weidong Yu, Ning Pan. “A study on adhesive force from fly hairy pads contacting surfaces of different roughness”Invited paper for the Special issue of English edition, Journal of Xi'an Polytechnic University 27(2013), 282-292. Invited paper
  6. Xia Yin, Ning Pan, Weidong Yu, Jing Gao. “A new functional fiber material--inspiration comes from animals’ attachment pads” Textile Bioengineering and Informatics Symposium Proceedings, SMART-TBIS Joint symposium 1(2008), 325-330. ISTP


  Xia Yin, Jing Gao. A testing equipment for adhesive force generated by insects (Invention Patent). CN101482553, Jan 16, 2013

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  A3.Fiber Society