Yu Yanping
发布时间: 2015-03-11

NameYu Yanping

TitleAssociate Professor



OfficeThe textilebuilding 4018



    Yu Yanping, male, Doctor, associate Professor.Undertake undergraduate basic course "textile materials" and graduate course"high performance fibers and products" teaching and long commit to scientific research of new textile material structural design and function textile products.He has published more than 40 papers and more than 20 patents.

Study and work experience:

  • September 2000 to December 2005, studied in Donghua University and majored professional textile material,Phd;
  • July 1985 to September 2003, Wuhan Textile Engineering Institute, engaged in the work of teaching;
  • Since 2003, Donghua University, engaged in the work of teaching;


Researching Field

  • Research on high performance and functional fiber;
  • Research on new technology of textile;
  • Research on the new textile industrialization.


  • "Filament, short fibre composite spinning and its system compensation method" project won the second prize of science and technology progress of Ministry of education,
  • "New type of chemical fiber application technology and low proportion wool content product; development" project was awarded the second prize of science and technology progress of
  • National Textile Industry Association;
  • "New type of chemical application and wool blendedproduct development" project was awarded the second prize of scientific and technological progress of Shanghai;
  • “Technology and products of filament and short fiber composite yarn” project was awarded the first prize of scientific and technological progress of Shanghai;


Researching Project within five years

  • Taking “NationalKeyTechnologyinnovationProgramofChinaduringthe 10thFive-YearPlan”
  • project "application technology of new type fiber and development low proportion wool content product ";
  • Taking "Richcel fiber textile product design and development" project;
  • Taking "hemp fiber textile product design and development" project;
  • Taking "PTT fiber textile product design and development"project;
  • Taking " patrol security protective clothing research" project of Shanghai science and Technology Commission;
  • Undertaking "new dyeing technology and new type of soybean protein fiber reserch"project of
  • NationalKeyTechnologyResearchandDevelopmentProgram research
  • Taking "jute fiber refinement and textile processing technology" projects;
  • Presiding over “the key technology of hemp dyeing and finishing "of the major scientific research project of Zhejiang Province;

Papers & Patents within five years

Chinese and English papers:

[1] Yu Y P, Zhang T T, Zhou P. Discussion upon the Draft Ratio Affecting PEN-PPS Filaments[J]. Advanced Materials Research, 2012, 535: 1176-1179.

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