发布时间: 2015-03-12

NameZHUANG XingMin

TitleAssociate Professor

Phone +86-021-67792783



Personal Introduction ( Education, Employment Experience)

  • 2005/12-Textile Engineering, College of Textiles, Donghua University, Associate Professor
  • 2002/02-2005/11Textile Engineering, College of Textiles, Donghua University,Ph.D student
  • 1986/08-1999/08 Technology sector of state-owned textile enterprises, Engineer

Research Projects

    In Professor Yan Xiong’s research team, undertook the project of Textile Clothing Museumof Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission (subproject:"geo-textile architecture Showcase").And carried out a wide range of collaborative research and product development together with enterprise.For example, conducteda sound absorption performance research and product development ofmeltblown nonwoven materialin collaboration with one Shanghai new material technology company, conducted research on "a developed research and production development of stretch wool yarn shape memory fabrics", "research and development of functional worsted wool fabrics" in cooperation with one Jiangsu textile company, "products research and developmentof functional textile fabrics" in cooperation with Jiangsu and Shandong Textile Group.



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  1. High-performance silicon-modified nano dichloride / acrylic size and its preparation method, 2012.12
  2. An organic montmorillonite acrylic size and its manufacturing method, 2011.11
  3. Hydroxy nitrile rubber-based high-performance damping material and its manufacturing method, 2010.6