GUO Jian Sheng Professor
发布时间: 2015-03-12

NameGUO Jian Sheng


Phone +86-021-67792630


Personal Introduction ( Education, Employment Experience)

  • Professor, Ph.D. supervisor of Textile Engineering
  • Associate Dean of Donghua University Textile. Director of Donghua University Modern Textile Technology Education Center of National Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center. Concurrently member of cotton textile expert technical committee and textile sizing professional committeeof China Cotton Textile Industry Association.
  • 1979.9-1983.7Textile Department of Donghua University, bachelor’s degree
  • 1983.9-1986.1 Textile Department of Donghua University, master’s degree
  • 1994.3-2000.11 Stuttgart University, doctor’s degree
  • 1986.1-1988.12 Textile Department of Donghua University,teaching assistant
  • 1988.12-1993.7 Textile Department of Donghua University, lecturer
  • 2001.3-2006.8College of Textiles, Donghua University, associate professor
  • 2006.9-College of Textiles, Donghua University, professor


  • Textile material surface treatment technology
  • Performance research and product development of new non-petroleum-based fiber
  • Textile performance detection technology
  • Bionic functional textiles
  • Biotech applications (clean production) in the textile

Honors and Awards

  • 2005 The first prize of National Higher Education Teaching Award (second author)
  • 2009 The first prize of Shanghai Higher Education Teaching Award (first author)
  • 2011 Leader of fine course of Shanghai
  • 2011The first prize of Textile Education Achievement Award of China Textile Industry Association (second author)
  • 2006 Baosteel Excellent Teacher Award
  • 2007 "Good teacher in my mind"
  • 2009 "Good teacher in my mind"

Research Projects

  • Technology development and certification of mosquito nets
  • Product research and development of microcapsules mosquito viscose fiber
  • Performance research and product development of polylactic acid fiber
  • Research and development of guar printing paste
  • Core yarnmade from polylactic acid fiber and its productsdevelopment
  • Research and development of ultrasonic desizing technology



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International Cooperation and Communication

  • 1993.10-1994.3 learning German in Goethe Instituteof Bremen / Freiburg
  • 1994.3-2000.11 PhD at University of Stuttgart, Germany
  • 2001.12 14th Denkendorf International Sizing Symposiumin German
  • 2003.10 visit the University of California, Davis / Auburn University / University of North Carolina / Georgia Institute of Technology
  • 2013.9 visit Denkendorf Textile Research Institute, Gore Tex textile company / participate in 2013 Denkendorf yarn sizing and coating Symposium