LI Li Qing
发布时间: 2015-03-13

NameLI Li Qing

TitleAssociate Professor

Phone +86-021-67792697


Personal Introduction ( Education, Employment Experience)

      Associate professor of Textile Engineering, published more than 20 articles, including 8 of SCI, EI, ISTP, 4invention patents, 6 completed projects. "automatic fabric defect detection and classification", "automatic identification of weave texture parameters" and "sawtooth line detectionduring fillet production" and other aspects. Hosted 1 National Natural Science Foundation.

  • 1988.9-1992.7 Bachelor of Textile Engineering, China Textile University
  • 1992.7-1995.9 Teacher of Textile Department of Hebei University of Science and Technology
  • 1995.9-1998.3 Master of Textile Department of Tianjin Institute
  • 1998.3-2003.7 Ph.D. of Textile Engineering of Donghua University
  • 2003.7- Teacher ofCollege of Textiles, Donghua University


  • Digital image processing applications in textile
  • Textile automatic detection technology

Honors and Awards

  2009 outstanding supporting education teacherof Xinjiang Autonomous Region

Research Projects

  • Cooperation project with Textile Research Institute: "automatic inspection machine developmentbased on computer vision."
  • 2007 NDRCverticalproject: "meltblown nonwovens production line"
  • HorizontalProject: "sawtooth line detection during fillet production"



1. Liqing Li, Tingting Jia and Xia Chen. Automatic recognition of fabric structures based on digital image decomposition, Indian Journal of Fibre & Textile Research, 2008, 33(4):388-391

2. Jian Zhou, Li Qing Li.Automatic Inspection of Silk Fabric Density Based on Multi-Scale Wavelet Analysis, Advanced Materials Research, 2011, 175-176, 371-375 (EI)

3. Chun Wei Liu, Li Qing Li. Automatic Inspection of Silk Spinning Yarn Fineness, Advanced Materials Research, , 2011, 175-176, 360-365 (EI)


1. Prediction methods of polymer extrusion nonwovens fiber diameter. CN100461191C

2. A diameter measuring method and system of polymer extrusion nonwovens fiber. CN100406849C

3. A input parameter screening method based on fuzzy logic neural network. CN100461210C

International Cooperation and Communication

  • 2005 Visiting scholar at Higher College of Textiles Roubaix France
  • 2012 Visiting scholar at Cornell University