YU CongWen Professor
发布时间: 2015-03-13

NameYU CongWen


Phone +86-021-67792664



Personal Introduction ( Education, Employment Experience)

  • He is the member of University Academic Committee. He Graduated from China Textile University 1986 with Master degree in Textile Engineering, and got his Ph.D in 1994. During 1997.10-1998.11, supported by national government fudinghe, he was a visiting scholar in the college of Textiles, North Carolinar state University.
  • Currently he is served as the chairman of National New SpinningProfessionalCommittee, executive director of National Bast and Leaf Fiber Industry Association, member of National Textile Standards Committee, deputy director of China Bast and Leaf Fiber Industry Association Technical Committee, editorialboard of "Cotton Textile Technology", "Plant Fibers and Products".


  • Forming theory and technology of fiber assembly
  • New spinning technology and related theories
  • Research on natural fiber development and utilization

Honors and Awards

      He has researched a lot of projects supported by national government, local government such as Shanghai, Hunan, Henan provinces, and most of research were supported by enterprises. Because of the achivements he obtained during the research, he was awarded many prizes by national and local government. He was confered as leading expert by local government of Shanghai, 2009. He has being lecturing to the bachelor, master and doctoral students, and because of his reforms and achivement in education, he was also rewarded by national Ministry of Education, and in 2008, he was awarded as National famous tutor.

Research Projects

     He has hosted the national technological innovation projects, outstanding young teachers project ofthe Ministry of Education (ie, Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University), Key Teachers project, Doctoral Fund projects,the “Dawn”Program of Shanghai Education Commission,Program for Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader, Shanghai Key Basic Research project and in cooperation with companies and other research and development projects.


      He has obtained more than 50 patents, and published more than 100 papers both demastic and aboard, around 20 Ph. D students and 40 MS students have graduated under his suporvising. In 2007 one of his Ph. D student’s dissertation was awarded as National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation.

  1. "Principle and Technology of Spinning" was named 2011 national quality textbook and 2012 Shanghai outstanding teaching book
  2. "Spinning process design and quality control," "spinning systems and equipment" won the 2006 outstanding teaching book award ofTextile Industry Association
  3. "Principle and Technology of Spinning" won the 2006 excellent prize of Technology Progress Award of Textile Industry Association
  4. "Cotton Handbook (Third Edition)" won the 2006 second prize ofTechnology Progress Award ofTextile Industry Association
  5. Involved in the preparation of hemp fiber monograph "Bast and other plant fibers" in 2005, published by the British Woodhead Publishing in March
  6. "Ramie yarn production process and product quality control" in 1999, was rated "one of 500 fine books since the founding of our nation"
  7. "Optimized design of engineering parameters", Donghua University Press, 2003