Biomedical Applications of Electrospun Polymer Nanofibers: Drug Delivery and Antimicrobial Activity
发布时间: 2015-04-17

Reprt theme:Biomedical Applications of Electrospun Polymer Nanofibers: Drug Delivery and Antimicrobial Activity

Introduction:Mohamed ElNewehy, PhD, Associate Professor

Department of Chemistry, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia

Dr. El-Newehy has completed his PhD from Tanta University, Egypt and postdoctoral studies from Pisa University, Italy and Yamagata University, Japan. He is Associate Professor at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. He has published more than 70 papers in reputed journals (h-index 17) and has been serving as an editorial board member of three international journals. He was a visiting professor at Donghua University, China and at Chonbuk National University, South Korea. Moreover, he was a research scholar at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA. His research interests including: polymer synthesis and characterization, antimicrobial polymers, drug delivery and controlled-release, electrospinning, and RAFT polymerization.

Outline:Electrospun nanofibers have become promising materials for many biomedical applications such as wound dressing, drug delivery, and scaffold for tissue engineering. The design and fabrication of multi-functional, nanofibrous polymeric materials can impact human health. Multi-functionality can include biocompatibility, controlled drug release, controlled porosity, and controlled biodegradation. Applications of particular interest include hydrogel bandages for wound care and scaffolding for tissue and organ regeneration. Rapid solvent evaporation during electrospinning due to high fiber surface area offers interesting opportunities to freeze in novel morphologies and in turn control properties such as release rates of incorporated pharmaceuticals. Blends of two or more polymers prepared by electrospinning of multi-component polymer solutions is expected to offer unprecedented control of physical properties, water management, and drug release profiles.