Xiangyu Jin Professor
发布时间: 2015-04-17


NameXiangyu Jin





lDeputy Director, Engineering Research Center of Technical Textiles, Ministry of Education

lDirector, Nonwoven Research & Development Center, Donghua University

lDirector, Department of Nonwoven Materials & Engineering, Donghua University

Research Interest

1.Structure and properties of nonvowens

2.Novel nonvowen techniques and products, including spunlace, meltblown, needle punch, thermal bonding, composite spinning and web forming, etc

3.Design and application of geosynthetics

4.Manufacture and industrialization of nonvowens products and techniques

Honors and Awards

1.First class prize, National teaching achievement award

2.Second class prize, technological award, Ministry of Education

3.Second class prize, China National Textile And Apparel Council

4.Second class prize, Jiangsu environmental protection science and technology prize

5.Second class prize, Shanghai scientific and technological award

6.Second class prize, Shanghai teaching achievement award

7.Third class prize, Hubei scientific and technological award

8.First class prize, ITS teaching award

9.Shanghai Municipal Award for Bringing up Talents (Shanghai Yucai Award)

Research Projects

1.Key Technology of Three-repellent and Antistatic Finishing for Medical, Hygienic and Protective Nonwovens (the National five-year science and technology support plan

2.Meltblown PLA superfine nonvowen materials

3.Development of anti-SARS protection textiles

4.Manufacturing techniques of bicomponent spunbonded nonvowens

5.Manufacturing techniques of novel spunlaced nonvowens

6.Spunlaced silk and pearl fibrous nonvowen materials

7.Key techniques of meltblown nonvowens

8.High efficiency, low cost spunlacing techniques and product applications

Patents and publications

l27 national patents authorized and 16 research papers published, among which 5 are SCI/EI indexed

Adjunct Research Positions

lCouncil member, China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association

lVice chairman, the Spunlacing Branch of China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association

lCouncil member, China Technical Association on Geosynthetics

lSub-committee, Nonwoven Materials & Engineering Major, Ministry of Education