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Personal profile

Dr. Hairu LONG is a Professor of Knitting Engineering of College of Textiles at Donghua University. As a visiting scholar, he studied in Innsbruck University of Austria in 1993. His social positions include member of Knitting Association of China Textile Engineering Society, member of Expert Committee of China Knitting Industry Association,executive director of China Wool Textile Association, member of Expert Committee of China Textile Leader and member of Expert Committee of Shanghai Investment Consulting Corporation. Professor Long’s representative research findings are as follows: (1) Investigating the compression and impact properties of warp knitted spacer fabrics and developing the protective materials for body based on the fabrics; (2) Exploring the electro-mechanical properties of knitted wearable sensors made of conductive fiber, developing smart seamless underwear with the sensors and testing some physiological parameters including heart rate, breathing and underwear pressure on body; (3) Studying the algorithm to detect weft knitted fabric defects based on computer vision and developing a real-time detecting system.

Educational Background and Work Experience

1978.9-1982.1B.S. Textile Engineering,Donghua University, Shanghai, P.R.China.

1984.9-1988.2M.S. Textile Engineering, Donghua University, Shanghai, P.R.China.

1996.9-2002.9Ph.D. Textile Engineering, Donghua University, Shanghai, P.R.China.

1982.2-present, teacher in the Department of Knitting and Clothing of College of Textiles at Donghua University.

Teaching and lecture courses

For undergraduate students

1.Knitting technology.

2.Design and analysis of knitwear.

For graduate students

1.Theory on knitting technology.

2.Modern knitting theory and frontier literature reviewing.

Research Fields

1.Smart knitting materials and clothing

lelectro-mechanical properties of knitted wearableflexible sensors based on conductive fiber

ldevelopment of smart monitoring clothing for human health

2.Preparation and properties of industrial knitted materials

lDevelopment of Intelligent Impact Protectors Based on warp knitted spacer fabrics.

lKnitted fabric composites.

l3D-shaped knitted reinforced fabric.

3.Wearing performance and comfort of knitted fabric and clothing

lElasticity and resilience of knitted fabric and clothing.

lThermal-moisture transfer properties of knitted fabric and clothing.

lDevelopment of comfort and functional knitted fabric.

4.Digital textile technique

lDigital image processing and analysis of fiber products.

lComputer aided design and simulation for textiles.

lIntelligent detection and control of textile process.

Honors and Awards

1.SANGMA Fellowship.

2.The project Key technology research on high quality and low consumption textile processing and application won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China Textile Industry Association.

3.The national planning textbook knitting technology won the second prize of Science and Technology Award of China Textile Industry Association.

Research projects in recent years

1.Development of Intelligent Impact Protectors Based on 3D Auxetic Fabrics.

2.Development of functional and comfortable knitted fabrics.

3.Research and development of high-performance computerized flat knitting machine.

4.Quality improvement of seamless knitting underwear.

5.Pattern design and product development of weft knitted mattress fabric.

6.Investigation on warp knitting fully-fashioned technology.

7.Research and development of smart health-monitoring clothing integrating flexible knitted sensors.

8.3D spacer fabric reinforced polyurethane composites and their applications.

9.Development of the technology and equipment for manufacturing auxetic spacer fabrics in industrial scale

10.Research and development on bare yarn circular knitted fabric of melt spun TPU elastic fiber.


Selected papers

1.Long H R. Water transfer properties of two-layer weft knitted fabric. International Journal of Clothing Science and Technology, 1999, 11(4):198-205.

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1.A stitch cam used in computerized flat knitting machine. China Patent, CN200820201971.2.

2.Flame-retardant weft knitted jacquard mattress fabric and preparation method. China Patent, CN201210248700.3.

3.Synchronized-timing and delayed-timing knitting system for computerized flat knitting machine. China Patent, CN201210372757.4.

Textbooks and monographs

1.Structure and Knitting of New Flat Knitting Machine. Textile Industry Press, 1993.

2.Knitting Technology and Equipment. China Textile Press, 1998.

3.Knitting Technology. China Textile Press, 2008.

4.Knitting Technology (The second Edition). China Textile Press, 2014.

5.Design of Knitting Products. China Textile Press, 2008.

International exchanges and cooperation

1.Reviewer of Textile Research Journal and Journal of Industrial Textiles.

2.Participating in the oral examination of PhD candidate of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University as an external examiner.

Contact information

Phone: 86-21-67792710

Fax: 86-21-67792627


Address: College of Textiles, DonghuaUniversity, 2999 North Renmin Road, Songjiang Ditrict, Shanghai, P. R. China,201620