Zhao Li
发布时间: 2015-04-20


Name: Zhao Li

Place of Birth: Shanghai

Nationality: Chinese

Qualifications:: 1999 MA in Textile Engineering, Associate Professor

Add: Textile Building Room 4012, No.2999, North Renmin Road, Song Jiang District, Shanghai

Tel. 021-67792705,

E-mail: zhaoli@dhu.edu.cn  

Statement of professional experience:

The lectures include:

1.“Dyeing and Finishing of Textile products”

2.“Sewing for knitted garment”

3.“Patterning for knitted Garments (1)”,

4.“Patterning for knitted Garments (2)”,

5.“Patterning with CAD ”

6. “Tie Dye and Bartik Dye” ,

7.“ Design of Pattern and Color”.

8.“Accessories of Knitting Garments” ,

9.“Textile Design practice”

Educational History:

1982~1986 China Textile University (BA)

1996~1999 Donghua University (MA)

Work Experience:

1986~present Knitting and Garment Department, Textile InstituteDonghua University

2005.4~2005.10Visiting scholar, Textile Department Minho University. Portugal (Asia-link project)

Main research direction:

1.Research of new fibers and new materials applied on knitted products and relevant knitting techniques, dyeing and finishing techniques.

2.Design of pattern and color, and the application on double knitted jacquard fabric.

3.Design of pattern and color, and the application on printed fabrics.

4.Research of special print techniques, enzyme washing handicraft of jeans.

5.Study on comfort and function of knitted underwear.

6.Fashion design, patterning design and sewing techniques studying.

Honorary title:

1The title of“ The good teacher in my heart” ,1999.

2The top ten professional ethics of 2001-2002 academic year.

3Excellent Teaching award of Donghua university 2000rank third. (Knitting department).

4Excellent Teaching awards of 2003.

5. The third prize ofinnovation of science and technology on Mar. 2004, the association of China textile industryName of project: The performance prediction and computer aided design technology of worsted fabric

6. Third prizes of significant fruits of scientific research on Jul. 2007, scientific and technical hall of Henan Province, Name of project: Research and development of fabric knitted with PTT fiber

7. The third prize of scientific and technological progress on Mar. 2008, the association of China textile industryName of projectPTT fiber and the development of its products

8. The 2nd. Prize of significant fruits of scientific research on Aug. 2008Education hall of Henan Province, Name of project: Research and development of PTT knitted fabricrank third.

Scientific and Technological Activities instruction after Class

1.Extracurricular Activities of “Tie Dye and Bartik Dye”, each academic year.

2.“Talented designer” competition 2013 of Donghua University, held by textile association of Textile College.

Projects involved:

1.Database of weft knitting fabrics, 2002~2004

2. Studying on applications technology of PTT fiber, 2003~2004

3. Application of PTT on knitting and woven fabrics and apparel industry chain analyzing, 2005~2009

4.Design of mattress fabric with the software of Mayer & C.. 2009~2013

5.Development of technology of seemless underwear. 2009~2011

6.Design and development of cashmere sweater, 2009~2011

7.Development of Intelligent Impact Protectors Based on 3D Auxetic Fabrics

8.Design of sweaters made of cashmere. 2011~2012

9.Research and development of Sunlite thermal fiber fabric and studying the end-use performance. 2011~2012

10.Design and development of decoration product with homespun cloth. 2011~2012

11.Compiling of instruction book on apparel production of Anzheng Fashion Group. 2012 ~ 2013

12.Establishment of technical standard on pants of Jinlong Company. 2013~2015.

13.Design of knitted sports wear. 20142015

14.The survey of knitted sports wear. 20142015



17. Development of the technology and equipment for manufacturing auxetic spacer fabrics in industrial scale (ITP/023/13TI) 2013~2015



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2.Dyeing and finishing of crack type composite fiber<Shanghai Textile Science and Technology> 2001,12

3.New elastic fiber used on apparel --------Corterra<Shanghai Textile Science and Technology> 2002,6

  4.Development of new fiber and its products<Textile Technology Overseas> 2002,10

  5.The protein filament fiber made from pupa and its usage on knitting goods<Shanghai Textile Science and Technology> 2003,6

  6.Application of MRPin the management of textile enterprises<Shanghai Textile Science and Technology> 2003,10

  7.Application of encapsulation and pigment printing on jacquard warp knitted curtain<Shanghai Textile Science and Technology> 2003,12

  8.PTT Fiber Applications in knitting and test for product characteristics<Textile Technology Overseas> 2003,12

  9.Advantages of PTT weft knitting fabrics and development opportunities<International Textile Guidance> 2004,1

  10. Weathering Performance of PVC and PU coated Biaxial Warp Knitted FabricsTechnical Textiles The Innovative Approach2006,5

   11. The Properties of PTT Fiber and the Development of Warp-knitted FabricsKnitting Technology,2008,6

  12. Fuzzy-integrative judgment on the end-use performance of knitted fabrics made with polytrimethylene terephthalate blended yarns TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL2011,6

  13.Compression behavior of warp-knitted spacer fabrics for cushioning applications TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL2011,12

  14.Impact compressive behavior of warp-knitted spacer fabrics for protective applications,,TEXTILE RESEARCH JOURNAL2012,3

  15.An Analysis on the Clothing Aesthetic and Application of Enshi Dong. 2014.


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2.Double jacquard knitted throw fabric. CN201220595734.52013-05-08

3.Flame-retardant weft knitted jacquard fabrics used on mattress.CN201220348286.92013-05-08


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