Baopu Yin
发布时间: 2015-04-20


NameBaopu Yin TitleA/Prof.



Specialized in teaching and research of nonwovens

Research Interest

Structure and properties of nonvowens

Finishing and post-treatment of nonvowens

Development of functional nonvowens

Testing and evaluation of nonvowens and textiles

Honors and Awards

Second prize, Scientific and technological progress , Ministry of Education , 2006

Third prize, 2013 Shanghai Scientific Award , Shanghai Municipal Government , 2013

Second prize, 2005 Shanghai Teaching Award , Shanghai Municipal Government , 2005

Second prize, 2008 Shanghai Scientific Award , Shanghai Municipal Government , 2008

Research Projects

Study on the processing techniques of medical and healthcare materials

Study on surface structures of high performance filtration materials

Finishing of water/alcohol/blood proof and antistatic nonvowen materials

Mouldling technique and application of collagen fibers

Patents and publications

8 national patents authorized and 20 research papers published