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College of Textiles, Donghua University

Shanghai, China 201620

Phone: 021-67792803



lZhengzhou Textile Institute of Engineering, Bachelor in Textile Engineering, 9/1995-7/2000

lDonghua University, Doctor and Master in Textile materials and textiles design, 9/2000-7/2006



lCollege of Textiles, Donghua University, 7/2006-9/2008

lAssociate professor / Master’s supervisor, College of Textiles, Donghua University, 9/2008-9/2013.9

lProfessor / Doctoral supervisor, College of Textiles, Donghua University, 9/2013~

lCollege of Textiles, Associate Dean

lInvited reviewer, Textile Research Journal, Journal of industrial textiles etc.

Awards and honors

lYouth pacesetter for the construction of teachers' ethics, Donghua University, 2008-2009

lSecond Prize of shanghai Technology Progress, 2008

lExcellence awards for Lecture contest, Donghua University, 2008-2009

lCandidate for outstanding youth, Donghua University, 2009

lSecond Prize of Technology Progress, Confederation of China Textile Industry, 2011, 2013

lSecond Prize of graduate education achievement,Chinese degree and Graduate Education Institute, 2014

Teaching and main course

Main course

lMerchandising of Textile Products

lClothing and Hygienics 

lIdentification and Maintenance of Fabric

lSpecailized English

lPerformance and Function Design of Textiles

Experimental teaching

lQuality Analysis of Textiles

lComprehensive Training 

lTextile Testing Experiment

Research interests

1.Development and application of new textile fibers ( kapok and PTT etc.)

2.Study on the oil-taking performances of natural fibers (kapok, Cattail, bamboo etc.) and their application in spilled oil recovery.

3.Evaluation of fabric styles and performances and prediction system building.

4.The planning and construction of textile laboratories.

Research projects

1.Study on the key techniques for kapok yarn and fabric manufacture, Supported by Confederation of China Textile Industry projects (2011181).

2.The self-cripming structure and elastic behavior of side-by-side composite fiber, supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (50973015).

3.Study on the Shape and style of PTT polyester fabrics at low temperatures, supported by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation.

4.Postdoctoral talents converging program, supported by Jiangsu Science and Technology Hall.

5.Study on the oil adsorption characteristics of natural cellulose fiber, supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities.

6.The development and application of multi-functional fabrics based on new fibers, supported by Jiaxing Yongcheng Garment Co., Ltd.

7.The development of Fibers based lubricating materials, supported by Wuxi Rubas co., Ltd.

8.The test and evaluation of down apparel fabrics’ performance, supported by Lishui Ailaiyi Down Product Co., Ltd.

9.Study on functional fibers and its product development, supported by Jiangsu lianfa textile Co., Ltd.

10.The development of filteration textiles, supported by Tiantai South-West Filter Cloth Factory.

11.Study on the textile technology of new type of polyester PTT filament, supported by Zhejiang Science and Technology Planning Project (2006C11046).

12.The development and industrialization of high-end wind- and water- proof fabrics, supported by Zhejiang STAT Projects (2008C16033).

13.The manufacture and application of high oil-taking kapok nonwomens, supported by Zhejiang Science and Technology Planning Project (2013C31139).

14.The construction of apparel rapid response central platform, supported by Guangdong Baibao Dragon Co., Ltd.

Main Publications

1.Ting Dong, Guangbiao Xu*, Fumei Wang. Adsorption and adhesiveness of kapok fiber to different oils, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 296 (2015): 101-111.

2.Ting Dong, Fumei Wang, Guangbiao Xu*. Sorption kinetics and mechanism of various oils into kapok assembly, Marine Pollution Bulletin, 91 (2015): 230-237.

3.Ting Dong, Fumei Wang, Guangbiao Xu*. Theoretical and experimental study on the oil sorption behavior ofkapok assemblies, Industrial Crops and Products, 61 (2014): 325-330.

4.Guangbiao Xu, JingNie, Didi Qi. Performances of Down/Feather assembly. Journal of Donghua University (Natural Science), 2014, 40 (5): 555-559. (Chinese paper)

5.Yunhua Cui, Guangbiao Xu*, Yijie Liu. Oil sorption mechanism and capability of cattail fiber assembly. Journal of Industrial Textile2014, 43 (3): 330-337.

6.Guangbiao Xu, Mengmeng Chang, Zhonglin Xiang. Testing method for kapok fiber diameter based on image thchnique. Journal of Donghua University (Natural Science), 2013, 39 (2): 155-158.

7.Jinjiang Yan, Guangbiao Xu, Fumei Wang. A Study on the quality of kapok blended yarns through different processing methods. The Journal of the Textile Institute, 2013, 104 (7): 675-681.

8.Guangbiao Xu, Lirong Yang. Calculating and evaluation of surface energy of three kinds of natural fibers. Journal of Donghua University (Natural Science), 2013, 39 (3): 280-282. (Chinese paper)

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10.Ying ChenGuangbiao Xu*. Study on the physical characteristic of cellulose powder. Journal of Donghua University (Natural Science), 2012, 38 (3): 272-275. (Chinese paper)

11.Jingjing Gao, Guangbiao Xu*, Fumei Wang. Low temperature dynamic mechanical properties of PTT shape memory fabric. Journal of Donghua University (Natural Science), 2012, 38 (4): 407-410. (Chinese paper)

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24. Jin Luo, Guangbiao Xu, Fumei Wang. Effect of Wet Heat Treatment on Crimp Property of PTT/PET Self-crimp fibersChemical Fibers International, 2008, 58 ( 3): 182-183.

International cooperation

1.Academic exchange with Australia, Japan, Korea, kenya etc.

2.Research cooperation with Prof. Bugao Xu in University of Texas at Austin, USA

Contact Information

Tel: 021-67792631

Email: guangbiao_xu@dhu.edu.cn